KuneVerda Workshops

KuneVerda Workshops

KuneVerda organizes workshops to assist you in developing and achieving your sustainability goals. The  workshop can be organized 'live' at your location or, Covid19-proof, using MS-Teams (or other video-conferencing).

The content of the workshops depends on your specific needs and requirements and is therefore always tailored to your company and sustainability requirements.

Because KuneVerda aims to combine different sustainable solutions to achieve the optimal business-case,  participants are invited to come up with unconventional ideas to achieve your sustainable goals.

The typical workshop will take approx. 3 hours and has the following content:

  • A short introduction of the participants
  • A presentation of the situation (focussed on energy use) at your company.
    • What type of energy is used on which location? What energy is available from industrial processes and/or waste heat?
    • What are the sustainable goals of your company and why?
  • A presentation of different solutions KuneVerda facilitates, tailored to your requirements and situation
  • A brainstorm session in which the participants provide suggestions and ideas where and how to optimize
  • Filtering the suggestions in regard to feasibility, business-case and effect.
  • Ordering the suggestions to create a preliminary top 5
  • Determination of  next steps

All results of the workshop are summerized by KuneVerda in a comprehensive report which will be distributed to all participants.

Want to know more about the effective KuneVerda workshops? Please contact us.