KuneVerda sustainable sport accommodations

KuneVerda sustainable solutions for sport accommodations

Sport accommodations are often struggling with an imbalance between generated sustainable energy and the moments the energy is needed. Where sunpower provides a peak at the sunny daytime hours, the consumption of electricity at sport accommodations peaks in the late afternoon and the evening. The lights go on in the darker hours when the sunpower is at its lowest.

At KuneVerda we realize that sustainable solutions seldom work individually. Therefore KuneVerda looks at the total picture and combines various sustainable solutions into a consistent package providing a solid business case. KuneVerda is an independent solution provider, guaranteeing an optimal sustainable situation without preference for a single hardware provider. Of course KuneVerda will take care of applicable subsidy requests.

Our solutions consist in a balanced choice of:

  • Solar panels providing electricity
  • Solar collectors providing heat
  • Wind energy for electricity in the 'darker period' of the year
  • Heat storage (providing heat when it is needed)
  • Electricity storage (chemical or air-pressured batteries)
  • Intelligent Energy Management System (to assure minimal grid-dependency and maximum 'own' use of generated power)
  • Optimization of electricity and heat consuming equipment (LED-floodlights, energy efficient showers/heating)
  • Efficient sustainable/electrical transport including charging infrastructure

KuneVerda's solutions are more than a stack of paper. We strongly believe that our customers should focus on their core business so KuneVerda will also take project responsibility and, when necessary, participates in the exploitation of the sustainable solution.

For more information and an affordable pre-scan please contact KuneVerda at info@KuneVerda.com.

The figure below illustrates achieved results at a typical sport accommodation
Typical gains for KuneVerda Sports Accommodation
LED floodlights at sport accommodations