KuneVerda battery solutions

KuneVerda Battery solutions

Storage of sustainable energy is becoming more and more important. Local energy storage relieves the power grid from peaks during sustainable energy production (wind, heat & solar) and during peak power usage periods. KuneVerda has a range of industrial batteries for short term (hours) and mid term (days) storage.

Each KuneVerda battery solution has it's specific pro's and con's. The flywheel is capable of storing short term and provides high peak power. The Li-Ion battery has a more limited lifespan (typ. upto 7-8 years) but offers long term storage and high peak power. At larger capacities the Li-Ion battery is more expensive than the pressure based solutions. The pressure based solutions have higher initial costs at low capacities but expanding capacity is relatively easy and cheap. Pressure based solutions have a typical lifespan of 20-25 years resulting in a low TCO.

Please contact KuneVerda to tailor the battery solution to your specific situation!

Flywheel (54kWh)

The KuneVerda Flywheel solution provides a short term high power boost for industrial equipment that create high peaks in electrical power usage. The Flywheel is charged when there is a surplus of electrical power and releases the electrical power when needed. With a nominal power rating of 800 kW and a peak power of 1.600 kW, the Flywheel is a perfect solution for industrial peak shaving.

The Flywheel is available now!

Flywheel impression

Li-Ion battery (Typically < 1.6 MWh)

Li-Ion batteries provide a perfect solution for storage of surplus of electrical energy from several kWh upto 1.6 MWh. Li-Ion batteries are typically deployed at temporary locations such as construction sites, events, mobile applications etc..

The Li-Ion battery is available now!

Li-Ion battery

The Airpressure battery (Typically 1.0 MWh - 3 MWh)

The airpressure battery, also called CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage), provides a storage of upto 3 MWh by compressing air using the surplus of generated sustainable energy. (Or low cost grid power). The KuneVerda airpressure battery is constructed in a 20ft or 40ft standard container to provide optimal flexibility and safety.

The air is compressed upto 250 bar. During the compression cycle, the generated heat is stored to be used during decompressing, thus preventing freezing of the installation.

The airpressure battery can be used for load-leveling or as a stand alone off grid solution for remote areas.

The airpressure battery is now being (pilot)tested at a location in The Netherlands.

CAES Compressed Air Energy Storage

The Energy Storage Combined Heat & Power (ES-CHP)  battery (Typically 3 MWh +)

In close cooperation with Kaaj Energy, KuneVerda provides a total solution for the use of residual heat. The Kaaj ES-CHP system is an energy storage technology based on the Brayton cycle. In  ES-CHP , the combustion chamber found in traditional Brayton cycles is replaced by a proprietary, non-emitting Thermal Energy Storage (TES) unit.

The Brayton Battery’s electro-thermal energy storage technology is a fully mechanical solution that stores heat and electricity and provides dispatchable heat and electricity. It can recover (high temperature) heat from an industrial process, excess renewable generation or available low-cost electricity from the grid and stores it. During times of peak grid demand, the system generates electricity, which allows clients to avoid paying a premium for peak-priced grid electricity. Furthermore the KuneVerda/Kaaj ES-CHP can provide stored useful heat to industrial processes. The ES-CHP mechanical solution is reliable, long-lived (resulting in a low levelized cost of energy) as well as scalable and operable in all climates.

The Kaaj-ES-CHP solution is available now!

HT-CAES Hybrid Thermal - Compressed Air Energy Storage