DomoVerda Tiny Houses

What is DomoVerda?

Domoverda is a cooperation between TinyStee ( and KuneVerda. Together TinyStee and KuneVerda deliver a full package of Tiny House components ranging from the Tiny House Casco, Innovative transportation frame, water supply, energy supply, heating etc.. The DomoVerda is a fully adjustable Tiny House concept, enabling you to configure your design to your personal wishes and needs.

What is a Tiny House

Tiny Houses are fully-fledged homes on a small scale. They are deliberately built and inhabited from the need to live a more simple life, less focused on consumption and with a smaller ecological footprint. In the design and construction of the small homes, smart use is made of space and innovative technologies. Tiny Houses are designed according to the needs of the user.

A Tiny House is up to 50 m2, ideally self-sufficient. This means, for example, that you generate your own electricity by means of solar panels, collect and filter rainwater and use a composting toilet and helophyte filter for your grey wastewater. The houses are of good quality and aesthetically built. Tiny Houses are designed as fulltime residences. Mobility is not a requirement but often a means, being completely off-grid is a possibility but not a necessity.

The financial benefits of a tiny house are considerable. The most obvious savings are with the initial cost of the home. A tiny house can be built for less than the cost of most cars. And because they are built to the same quality of conventional homes, they can be expected to have a similar lifespan. Despite their lower cost, a properly built tiny house can provide housing for decades.

Once a home is built, the savings don’t stop. Because of their smaller size, most of the utilities and all the maintenance costs are less as well. While there is no savings to some bills like cable TV or garbage pickup, there are considerable saving to others, like electrical and gas.

Choosing your layout

The DomoVerda is available in various standard layouts. Of course you have the option to choose for the basic casco, (Including transport frame, outer walls, floor and roof).

The Tiny House can be built in a single or double version with flexible layouts, tailored to the purpose of use, taking in account work or family settings.

Transporting & positioning your DomoVerda

The first step of establishing a Tiny House is positioning your DomoVerda at your choosen spot. TinyStee developed a unique frame to transport and position your Tiny House.

Transport with this system is possible with a larger private car with a trailer; without a trailer by a tractor, or when your Tiny House weights more than 3500 kg, it can be transported on a flatbed trailer without using a crane.

When arrived at your location, the Tiny House is positioned, lowered and levelled. Moving your Tiny House to a different location is quite as simple.

Power generation and storage

The DomoVerda is designed to operate partly or fully off-grid. The roof of the DomoVerda provides room for 7 standard size solar panels.

A mini wind turbine, the KuneVento Helix is developed to cover periods of less or no sun. Together with an individual or collective battery storage system, the DomoVerda operates (almost or completely) autonomous. Battery storage systems are available from several kWh for individual use to a staggering 1.6 MWh for collective use.

Heating and hot water is generated by solar tubes or PVT panels, combined with buffer storage and Infrared heating. Alternatively heating and hot water is provided by the wood stove described below.

The wood stove

The stove has been tested (without water buffer) and has only a co-emission of 0.03% and a dust emission of 24mg/Nm3 (standardised at 13%O2) at an efficiency of 83%. This makes this stove one of the cleanest wood-burning stoves available.

Due to the sophisticated aeration system this stove has a very clean combustion. This is achieved by adding air in 3 different places in the combustion chamber, as a result of which harmful substances are burned as a whole, to the benefit of the environment.

Particularly handy is the unique window system which this wood stove has as a special feature. The window can be easily replaced without tools, even after many years of firing.

DomoVerda Wood Stove

Helophyte filter

A Helophyte filter is an artificial bottom sealed swamp that is used to purify urine (compost toilet), waste water from kitchen, shower and washing machine. With a helophyte filter you are allowed to discharge your wastewater into or on the ground.

The vertical helophyte filter system is a system in which the waste water is fed vertically through a filter package via supply and discharge drains. The system's wastewater is supplied intermittently, creating aerobic and anaerobic soil conditions. This improves the breakdown of cabbage nitrogen compounds.

The Helophyte filter is standard equipped with a grease trap and level control, so that the filter cannot clog and can never get dry. The filter can be used above ground, partially buried or completely in the ground.

DomoVerda Wood Stove