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KuneVerda is best described as a 'sustainability integrator'. With a variety of innovative techniques, KuneVerda provides the optimal sustainable solution for municipalities, companies and sports accommodations.

A sustainable solution consists of more than just putting a number of solar panels on your roof. At KuneVerda we start with an inventory of the power consumption (heat and electricity) and a study of the operational- and environmental conditions. Based on this study, the quick scan, we offer the optimal solution for your company, building or facility; always based on a solid business case.

After the study KuneVerda, together with specialist partners, can provide the complete implementation and commission of the suggested solution.


KuneVerda provides an all-in solution which goes much further than just putting solar panels on your roof. After a pre-scan we, in close cooperation with the customer, define a comprehensive combination of techniques to optimize energy-management as well as the associated business-case.

Mobility & Logistics

With the People Mover, KuneVerda provides an easy to integrate, high capacity and environmentally friendly public transport system. For individual transport, the LEF® full electric vehicle is an ideal solution for commuting. Of course charging equipment for cars as well as e-bike like vehicles can be provided.


  • People Mover (sustainable public transport)
  • LEF® (1 person full electric vehicle for commuting)
  • Ecotap (charging stations for cars & e-bikes)


With inspections, KuneVerda provides competitive, sustainable and innovative methods to check your assets. This results in a solid report on which further actions can be initiated.

KuneVerda is founded by two experts in sustainable solutions: André van der Zwaan & Ed van Dort.

With representatives in Guatemala and Panama we guarantee optimal representation of the KuneVerda product line in the local language and time zone and provide customization of the products (such as the People Mover and off grid solutions) to the local requirements.

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